The Power of Leading with Compassionate Empathy and Inclusion
We will show you how to level up your emotional intelligence as a team member, peer, and leader!
Breaking the Bias and Jobber Group have created content focused on helping organizations create change and build high functioning teams.
 What you will learn:
  • Empathy Maturity Model: What is it and how to level up
  • Leadership: How Empathetic Leadership impacts your team
  • ​The science behind it and your natural ability to be a great leader!
Our webinars for April 14th & 16th have been canceled.
If you were signed up for either of these two upcoming webinars, you'll be receiving an email shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to get you a recording of the webinar.

We are working to refresh our content to continue to deliver information that we hope can help in times like these. We are also moving towards the next step in our business and look forward to sharing exciting new announcements shortly!

In the meantime please keep an eye on the main Breaking The Bias page or feel free to schedule a time with us to see where we can help with your business training needs around empathy, inclusion,  and conscious communication!
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